Frank Rich: Ben Carson Part Of The "Racist, Bigoted Base Of The Republican Party"; Don Lemon: "He's Black"


On Wednesday's edition of CNN Tonight, contributor to New York Magazine Frank Rich said Ben Carson's comments about a Muslim president represent the "racist, bigoted" base of the Republican party. Host Don Lemon responded, "he's black."

"One person who is also benefiting from that possibly is Dr. Ben Carson, when he made his comments about not necessarily he would support a Muslim as president of the United States. He said after that comment money has been pouring in. Why do you think he benefiting from that?," host Don Lemon asked.

"Because there is a racist, bigoted part of the Republican base," Rich said of Carson's appeal. "His own campaign manager said to the New York Post a couple of days ago, the Republican primary electorate is 80/20 on our side on these anti-Muslim comments."

"You're saying there's a racist element out there, but he is a black man," Lemon said.

"He a black man and there's been Republican support for other black candidates, Herman Cain the last time," Rich replied. "Nonetheless, it doesn't mean it applies to everybody, but I think Muslims are the new target for this kind of racism."

"Muslim is the new black," Lemon joked.

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