Ben Carson: "PC Culture" Misinterpreted My Comments On A Muslim President


GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson takes questions from reporters in Ohio on September 22, 2015, following his "controversial statement" that he would not support a muslim running for president.

BEN CARSON: Fix the PC culture in our country which only can listen to one narrative, and if it doesn't fit their philosophy, then they have to try to ascribe some motive to it to make it fit, that's how we fix it, we fix America, and get people to start listening and being capable of understanding what is the principles of our country and our constitution and stop trying to fit everything into a "PC Model."

The PC Model says whenever you are asked a question, it has to be answered in a certain way. And if you don't answer it that then it is time to attack. Let's not try to actually understand what a person is saying, just attack, attack, attack, and hopefully everyone else will look at that and realize they are never supposed to say things like that. That is what PC culture is.

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