Trump Rips NBC's Savannah Guthrie For Not Using Network's Own Poll To Show His Lead on 'Today' Show


In an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday's Today show, NBC's Savannah Guthrie cited a new CNN poll that shows Trump in the lead, but did not mention NBC's latest survey that has Trump even further ahead of his primary competition. Trump questioned Guthrie as to why she ignored her network's own poll, instead promoting a competitor's poll.

DONALD TRUMP: As far as the polls are concerned the only poll you didn't put up was the NBC poll where I'm way at the top. I'm much more than double and I don't understand why NBC is using a CNN poll which was also a good poll. I'm leading by a lot, but the NBC poll that you announced yesterday was fantastic, and you didn't talk about that.

GUTHRIE: No, I meant -- well, I tried to.

TRUMP: I'm just saying this, why aren't you talking about your own poll? Why are you showing a CNN poll which is very good but not as good as the one you put up yesterday?

GUTHRIE: Well, I should have mentioned our NBC poll by name, but I did say in the outset that you were leading in every poll, but I meant --

TRUMP: You put up the CNN poll, you didn't put up the NBC poll and you're the ones that are paying for the NBC poll so I don't get it other than the NBC poll is a very good poll for Trump.

GUTHRIE: It's a good poll for Trump. By the way, the CNN one is a good one for you, too, you're leading by double digits.

TRUMP: NBC was better.

GUTHRIE: Fair enough. We'll leave it there. Thank you for your time. Always appreciate it.

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