Krauthammer: Scott Walker "Peaked Early," "Patriotic" To "Consolidate The Anti-Trump Forces"


BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: It's striking how he phrased it though, Charles. 'Helping to clear the field is my patriotic duty.'

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It was a remarkable statement. You rarely hear that. A candidate who bows out says it was my calling, essentially I'll give a translation, to get out of the race to consolidate the anti-Trump forces. That's what he was saying. He refers to the 'frontrunner.' We all know who that is.

But I find it interesting he didn't blame Trump for him dropping out. I think he kind of knows why and it eludes to what you said. He peaked early. And it's not just a process event. When he peaked early, he was way out ahead and that one great speech he made in Iowa he then played safe. And when he got a difficult issue like subsidies for biofuels in Iowa, he fudged, he said, 'I'm not going to talk about certain issues.'

He was sitting on a lead, which was a very early lead in one state and it all hinged on Iowa. He said if he didn't win Iowa he would reconsider. When he knew that he disappeared in Iowa, it was over. In a way, it's kind of patriotic. He thought, if I get out -- well, he's dead broke, anyway, [not] like the Clintons after their time at the White House. But, he realized if he gets out it may be the beginning of the winnowing of the field. It's started early, it's going to happen eventually, do it now.

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