Trump vs. Tapper on Muslim Question: "It Wasn't People From Sweden That Blew Up The World Trade Center"


JAKE TAPPER, "STATE OF THE UNION" HOST: Now, Mr. Trump, forget the notion of defending President Obama for a second. I don't want to really talk about that.

You are running to be president of United States of America. That includes millions of peaceful, law-abiding Muslim-American citizens who love this country. This man said -- quote -- "We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims."

Now, you're not responsible for what he says, but this is raw, unvarnished, ignorant bigotry. You are a leader. You are the front- runner in the Republican race. Do you not have a responsibility to call out this hatred?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, you know, we could be politically correct, if you want.

But, certainly, are you trying to say we don't have a problem? Because I think everybody would agree. I have friends that are Muslims. They're great people, amazing people. And most Muslims, like most everything, I mean, these are fabulous people.

But we certainly do have a problem. I mean, you have a problem throughout the world.

TAPPER: What's the problem?

TRUMP: Well, you have radicals that are doing things.

I mean, it wasn't people from Sweden that blew up the World Trade Center, Jake.

TAPPER: I get that. But to say we have a problem, and it is called Muslims, because there are some extremist Muslims, is tarring all Muslims. You would agree that the vast...


TRUMP: No, I don't agree with that at all.

But you have extremist Muslims that are in a class by themselves. I mean, they are -- it is a problem in this country. And it's a problem throughout the world. I mean, all you have to do is look at Europe.

TAPPER: But what if he had said, we have a -- what if he had said, we have a problem in this world; it's called blacks? Would you have said something then?

TRUMP: No. I would have probably just -- I listened to his question.

I mean, who I am? I listened to his question. He made a question/probably statement, but I listened to his question, and I actually didn't respond. This was the first time -- because, over the weekend, as you know very well, because you covered it and your -- and CNN covered it very well -- but it was a very, very big subject.

And I said, this is the first time I have ever had a situation like this where I didn't even say anything. So, it was a question that was asked in front of a totally packed house. Nobody thought much of it until the following couple of hours, when it came became a pretty big subject.

But, no, we do have a problem with radical Muslims. There's no question about that. I think you would be the first to admit that.

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