Stephanopoulos Grills Trump: Why Can't You Say That Obama Is American, Not A Muslim?


ABC News' George Stephanopoulos grills Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on a question he received at a campaign event last week where a man stated President Obama is a Muslim.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, "THIS WEEK" HOST: Let's get into this controversy that's come up over the last two days. I saw your tweets yesterday, where you say you didn't have a moral responsibility when that questioner got up and said those things about President Obama.

But this is getting a lot of attention in part because you've raised questions like this in the past.

So for the record, was President Obama born in the United States?

TRUMP: Well, you know, I don't get into it, George. I talk about jobs. I'm talking about the military. I don't get into it. I mean, he asked that question and I just want to talk about the things because frankly it's of no longer interest to me. We're beyond that. And it's just something I don't talk about. I want to talk about the military. I want to talk about the vets and how badly they're treated. I want to talk about jobs. I don't get into that, George.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the way to get beyond it is to answer yes or no.

Do you believe -- ?


TRUMP: Well, that's possible. But I don't get into it. And I just don’t talk about it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So -- and even though you've raised questions and you've investigated it in the past, you're still ---

TRUMP: Well, you know, people thought I should have defended. Some people thought I should have defended the president in terms of the question that was asked the other night. And my attitude is, would he have done that for me? If somebody said that about me. And you know, he's been -- he -- he's very capable of defending himself, believe me.

So we'll see what happens. But I think the tweets really covered it very well and very accurately. Somebody said they were excellent. They covered the subject.

And I actually -- it was very interesting because I got in hot water over not saying anything. The first time it's ever happened to me.

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