Fournier: The Establishment In The Republican Party, Democratic Party and The Media Created Donald Trump


RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: The establishment made Donald Trump. The establishment in the Republican party, the establishment in even the Democratic party, and certainly the media establishment. We have all let down voters. Voters are upset with the political and media elite. They've created this huge vacuum for somebody to step in and satiate people's hunger. So, it kind of starts with a let down on our part, but then it gets more complicated after that.

HOWARD KURTZ, MEDIA BUZZ: Trump knows how to drive a news cycle, be interesting, entertaining, bombastic and insulting enough that when he does hold a speech or when he gives a press conference, it's not the typical carefully calculated politician-speak, and that does get ratings.

FOURNIER: There's some symmetry, some commonalty in the needs of the voters and the media. The media and voters both love clarity, and he gives us both of that. And we also love celebrity. We love covering celebrities and our culture now has been celebrity-ized and Trump is feeding right into that. And we in journalism love things that are new... and boy, do voters want something new, to my earlier point.

In addition, our biggest bias isn't that we're necessarily liberal or Republican, though there is a political bias, but the biggest bias, as you know, are ratings, conflict and clips. So writers, we like our clicks, you guys have to have your ratings, and well all have a bias towards conflict. Donald Trump is giving us all of those things.

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