Chris Matthews: Trump's Muslim Question "Racist Crap"


Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, reacts to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump taking a question from a man who said President Obama is a Muslim and not American.

"This is racist crap, of course, and to me it's the biggest original sin of Donald Trump," Matthews said Thursday on his MSNBC show. "Before he went after people from Mexico as rapists, which was outrageous. Long before that, he said our president was an illegal immigrant. He played that card and he's still playing it. I like to let him talk himself to death. I think he should build his own grave instead of people saying don't show him an action. I'm glad as hell we throw this in action. your thoughts? Show him as he is"

"I'm not a hater," Matthews said of Trump. "I try to understand Trump for what show he's putting on. And the original sin of Trump is this birther thing. John McCain I think had a profile in courage a couple of years back when a woman said the same thing at a town hall meeting just like this. She said he's an Arab. He said no, he's a good American, we just happen to disagree."

"Donald Trump had that opportunity to show us his character and he showed us something else. He showed a willingness to go with the tide. That's not leadership to go with the tide. Your thoughts? Is this going to be part of his ongoing road show to prey to people who think we're overrun by Muslims in this country?" Matthews asked.

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