Bloomberg's Mark Halperin: Clinton Campaign Using "McCarthyite Tactics" Against Bernie Sanders


David Brock’s pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC 'Correct The Record' accidentally raised over a million dollars for Bernie Sanders after sending an email to supporters attacking him for supporting U.K. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is apparently very popular among Democrats.

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin says he warned Brock attacks like this would backfire.

“Particularly ones like this, McCarthyite tactics, where the campaign isn’t willing to stand up and say– or the super PAC –this is what we’re saying,” Halperin said. "I interviewed David Brock, who’s associated with that group the other day, and asked him repeatedly, ‘What are you saying about Bernie Sanders? What’s your point?’ And he wouldn’t say. For me, it’s an illustration of the worst of both worlds for them. Bernie Sanders raises money off it, gets the high ground. I don’t think they did any damage to him whatsoever.”

"You called it McCarthyite tactics?" clarifies Joe.

"Yeah," says Halperin.

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