Beckel on Trump: "People Have Underestimated Him," "He's Going To Be Around For A While"


DON LEMON, CNN: How many people predicted the demise of Donald Trump in the last six, seven months? He is still around as far as I can tell. And it is a phenomenon in politics not seen since Ross Perot. Amazing.

BOB BECKEL: You know, you are right. I always say if anybody is running for president, for office I always take them seriously. Always taken Donald Trump seriously. I think people have underestimated him.

LEMON: Did you watch the interview earlier, the fundraiser to night? What did you think?

BECKEL: I watched it. I was just stunned. Look the -- Trump is getting money. Forget this thing for a second... The fact of the matter its that Trump is getting money from blue-collar workers who send him checks for $250. Why? Who is Donald Trump. It's not who he is, it's who he isn't. Not what he is for, what he is against. That is everything Washington is doing. And he defies gravity in politics. Because there is this group of people in the Republican party who are so tired of the Republican establishment. Trump has gotten into that. Like Perot did. Like George Wallace in the 60s and 70s when he split up the Democratic party. Trump is going to be around a while.

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