Pataki vs. Santorum on Kim Davis: You Cannot Pick And Choose Which Laws To Follow


JAKE TAPPER, CNN: Welcome back to the CNN Republican Debate at the beautiful Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Before we took the break, you were all chomping at the bit about Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Governor Pataki said he would have fired her. Senator Santorum, do you agree with George Pataki?

RICK SANTORUM: A young woman was challenged about her faith and refused to deny God. We saw her as a hero. Today, someone who refuses to defy a judge's unconstitutional verdict is ridiculed and criticized, chastised because she is standing up and not denying her faith in God. That is a huge difference in 16 years. People have a fundamental right in the First Amendment. There's no more important right. It is the right that is the trunk that all other rights come from, and that's the freedom of conscience... How many bakers, how many florists, pastors, how many clerks are we going to throw in jail because they stand up and say, "I cannot violate what my faith says is against its teachings"? Is there not room in America? I believe there has to be room. First, I believe we have to pass the First Amendment Defense Act which provides that room for government officials and others who do not want to be complicit in what they believe is against their faith. Second, we need, as a president, someone who is going to fight a court that is abusive, that has superseded their authority. Judicial supremacy is not in the Constitution, and we need a president and Congress to stand up to a court when it exceeds its constitutional authority.

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