Trump At Dallas Rally: "George Will Is A Disaster"; Karl Rove "Total Incompetent Jerk"


At a large campaign event held at American Airlines Center in Dallas on Monday evening, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called out conservative columnist George Will and Republican operative Karl Rove for their public opposition of him.

"George Will is a disaster," Trump said of the commentator. "The guy is a disaster."

"Another one, Karl Rove," Trump said, name-checking the Republican fundraiser. "No, he's terrible. Terrible. He's terrible. Karl Rove still thinks Mitt Romney won the election. Karl Rove ought to be on Wall Street, he raises money pretty well. He raised last cycle, the last presidential election, he raised $434 million and didn't win one race. Can you believe that? Can you believe it?"

"I think the guy is a total incompetent jerk," Trump said of Rove. "Anybody who gives him, Karl Rove, the group of losers, it doesn't make sense because they don't know what they're doing.

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