Scarborough vs. David Brock on Hillary Clinton's Private Server: She Took Responsibility, But "Entirely Appropriate"


Clinton supporter and Media Matters founder David Brock spars with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough over the Democratic presidential candidate's ownership and handling of a private server. Key part of their argument:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC'S MORNING JOE: If I delete an e-mail and I work for the State Department, I delete that e-mail. But if the State Department has to investigate my actions, they can go back and get access to that deleted e-mail. In Hillary Clinton's position, she sets up her own server the day she takes office, and perhaps it's wiped clean, perhaps it's not wiped clean. That makes it entirely different.

DAVID BROCK, MEDIA MATTERS: I don't think so. The Department of Justice says the deletion was totally proper and appropriate. So, I think together with Hillary's interview last week where she said, 'Look, I'm sorry for her role in this.' She takes responsibility..

SCARBOROUGH: So you're fine then if Dick Cheney is appointed by Jeb Bush as Secretary of War, decides he's going to have his server in his home in McLean, Virginia and then before the investigators come he destroys it?

BROCK: There's precedent --

SCARBOROUGH: Is that fine?

BROCK: Destroys personal e-mail? Yeah, that's fine.

SCARBOROUGH: No, no, no, I'm talking about if he destroys the server so that you will never be able to know what he decided is personal and what has to do with war.

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