Host of Next GOP Debate Hugh Hewitt Talks About Trump Fight, Debate Prep


JOE SCARBOROUGH: What's going on with Marco Rubio's campaign? Why has he fallen so badly from the guy who was on the cover of "Time" magazine as the future of the Republican Party, now sitting at 2 percent?

HUGH HEWITT: Well, I think he will rebound, as I think Scott Walker will rebound. I'm very confident about this. By the time we get to Iowa, the ground game will matter so much; in New Hampshire, the ground game will matter so much.

And Kasich has come up a little bit. But this is all preseason kind of hot stove league stuff. Yesterday the Jets beat the Browns 31-10. I'm here to tell you the Jets are not any good, the Browns are just awful. And so when you can't tell anything from the first game, all you have to wait and see is how do they perform as they get close to Iowa.

I'll say this: Wednesday night matters a lot because the United States tends to take the falloff from politics. They like to focus on football, family and the holidays and then they zoom back in in January. As all three of you know, they zoom in in January. And I think you'll find, in January, Walker, Rubio and Kasich are three people who are down in the polls right now and not yet showing up on a lot of national registers; they'll be in thick of the hunt come January.

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