Ingraham: People Bashing Trump Like Krauthammer, George Will Also Bashed Reagan When He Challenged Establishment


On this week's broadcast of FOX News' MediaBuzz Nationally syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham took aim at columnists Charles Krauthammer and George Will for their opposition of Ronald Reagan when he challenged the establishment in the late 1970s.

KURTZ: Let's talk about some other voices on the right. Charles Krauthammer says the conservatives should be alarmed at what Trump is doing to the GOP. George Will calls him a counterfeit Republican. Jonah Goldberg says conservative voters are throwing away the cause and have peaked. What do you make of this?

INGRAHAM: I like all those boys. But as Craig Shirley, Reagan Biographer mentioned on my show recently, usually Krauthammer and George Will -- I think in the `70s there was some criticisms of Ronald Reagan and he was challenging the establishment back then, and before everybody says Trump is Reagan, he is challenging the establishment and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. I don't know where Trump will go, but the idea that some internecine warfare among conservatives is going to matter to most people, it's not. Most people want to know is my life going to get better. Why are we dealing all these deals where we get completely hosed by China and all these other nations that are cheating, and why are we allowing millions people into the country when we have millions of underprivileged people without work and homeless about 300 yards from the studio right now.

KURTZ: You don't think it hurts, or does it in some ways help that Trump is under media attack even from people who are on the right who don't see him running as a movement conservative?

INGRAHAM: I think people have to be honest brokers about this. Where are the middle class today, the middle income earners in this country haven't gotten a raise in about 16 or 17 years, and that pre-dates, of course, the Obama administration, so I think until people realize there's a lot of bad feelings about you know, second Bush term and what happened there, I think they are just going to you know, keep kind of banging their heads against the wall against Trump. This is really not about Trump. This is about the Republican establishment failing most of those middle income workers who put all their hopes in the Republican Party, so if they cleaned up their own house over at the GOP, Trump probably wouldn't be as big as he is now or might not even be a factor at all.

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