Bernie Sanders To Chris Hayes: "Don't Become An Inside The Beltway Pundit"


Chris Hayes talks to Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., about why the new poll numbers surprised him and why he won't repeat what he calls Obama's "biggest political mistake."

BERNIE SANDERS: All of [my] ideas, I knew in my heart were going to resonate with the American people, but I did not beleive they would resonate quite so fast.

CHRIS HAYES: But do they resonate with the American people or with a very small subsection of the Democratic party? Who are liberals and they love Bernie Sanders and they're watching us right now? Or does this appeal more broadly?

BERNIE SANDERS: Oh Chris! Don't become an inside-the-beltway pundit.

CHRIS HAYES: You know it is partly tongue in cheek!

SANDERS: Alright, come on out to our rallies and you know what you'll find? Thousands of working people, thousands of young people who want to see fundamental changes in the way we do economics and politics in this country.

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