Hillary Clinton Pushes Iran Deal: "There's Absolutely No Reason To Trust Iran"


In a speech at the Brookings Institute on Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed the Iran nuclear deal.

During her speech at the Washington think tank encouraging support for the deal Clinton said, "there is absolutely no reason to trust Iran." The presidential hopeful also should we shouldn't expect changes in Iran's behavior and her policy as president would be "distrust and verify."

"I understand the skepticism so many feel about Iran," Clinton said. "I too am deeply concerned about Iranian aggression and the need to confront it. It's a ruthless, brutal regime that has the blood of Americans, many others including its own people on its hands. Its political rallies resound with cries of 'Death to America.' Its leaders talk about wiping Israel off the face of the map, most recently just yesterday. And terror against it. There's absolutely no reason to trust Iran."

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