Atlantic's Steve Clemons: Hillary Clinton Gave A "Very Neoconservative" Speech


Steve Clemons, Washington editor of The Atlantic, analyzes Hillary Clinton's speech at The Brookings Institute encouraging support for the Iran nuclear deal. Clemons said we heard a "dark, muscular" side of the Democratic presidential hopeful. Clemons described her speech as neoconservative.

"This is Hillary Clinton reminding a lot of people in the Democratic base what they used to be worried about her, that this is a candidate who's clutch is very much in the position of being prepared for war, being prepared for conflict, a very dark, muscular side of Hillary Clinton," Clemons said.

Clemons also said Clinton's speech was a "repudiation of the Obama pivot to Asia."

"Though she supports the Iran deal, what we heard is a sort of repudiation of the Obama pivot to Asia, saying that we were going to double down in the Middle East, which President Obama said is not where the future of the United States is," Clemons said Wednesday morning on MSNBC.

"The real thing going on in the Middle East is the Sunni/Shia civil war and she seemed to give no indication that she understands the true dynamics of the tectonic conflict in the region which is in a different place," he added.

"She gave a very neoconservative sounding speech," Clemons declared.

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