John Kerry Is Confident Iran Deal Will Survive Past Obama: 90% Will Support


In an interview with The Huffington Post on Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry says that the next president will have a hard time changing the deal he negotiated with Iran. He also predicts that by the time the next president takes office, the deal will have a 90% approval rating.

“I cannot see a president willfully taking the United Nations, five other nations who supported us in this negotiation and saying, 'Sorry, we're just going to walk away from this and create a more dangerous situation in the Middle East.' I just don't see that happening,” Kerry said.

“I think the one concern one would have is that you have some element within Iran that pushes back or refuses to do something. In which case, the Iranian government is going to have to answer for that,” said Kerry. “So I can see the potential that you may have a hiccup here or there where you've got to confront something like that, but I don’t see the government, at this point, opening itself up to the potential of a snapback of all of these sanctions, and the potential obviously also of military action -- if that was the only option available."

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