Beck: "Great Awakening" Is Happening But Media Won't Stop Repeating "Fry Them Like Bacon"


Glenn Beck says that we are entering the "third great awakening," unless the media drives us to hysteria. Beck's beef with the mainstream media is this: About 350 people attended the now-famous event where some people were recorded chanting anti-police slogans last weekend, while Glenn Beck's rally on the same day drew 20,000 peaceful attendees, but garnered no coverage.

"The only national coverage [of my rally] that I saw, besides PJ Media, was Mediaite," Beck said. "The next logical excuse besides 'I didn't know' would be, good news doesn't sell. That's what they'll say. We need conflict, the editors. There's no conflict there."

"When you have, in the middle of this controversial time, where we are told we are at such odds with each other, here is an opporutnity to celebrate two different groups coming together and everyone having a great time, no arrests, no throwing things at cops, no anger, it was just people coming together in a wonderful way for an entire weekend of service. Do you get that from Reuters? Do you get that from the national media at all? No, you get 325 people running around threatening pigs."

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