Krauthammer: Carson A Bizarro World Anti-Trump, "Wonderful Guy That Is Hard Not To Actually Like"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If you were in Bizarro World and had you to create an anti-Donald Trump, it would be Ben Carson. Who knew that this was the Summer of Carson? He's slowly creeping along. No one hears about him. And, you know, yes, of course this is the outsiders. Of course, Trump, Fiorina and Carson represent the anti-establishment. But you have got to give Carson his due. He is the ultimate gentle, soft-spoken family doctor. Who cannot like the guy? And he doesn't pretend. He doesn't attack. He is just very soft-spoken.

Look, in the debate he did not do well on policy, but where he did fantastically well was in the last answer in which he was self-deprecating and funny and in a way, you know, when he said, 'I'm the only one taken out half a brain, but if you look at Washington it looks like other people have got there before me.'

He is clever. And everybody remembers one moment of a person in the debate. And that's what everybody remembers about Carson. And he is the sleeper here. I don't think in the end people will want -- I'm not sure, but a man with no experience in the White House. But his strength is not just anti-establishment; he's a completely wonderful guy that is hard not to actually like.

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