Awkward Moment Between Martin O'Malley And DNC Chair After He Calls Her Out For "Rigged" Primary


Former Maryland Governor, and third place candidate, Martin O'Malley exchanged an awkward handshake with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the floor of the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting after he delivered an impassioned speech slamming her decision not to schedule any Democratic primary debates until October.

"This is totally unprecedented in the history of our party," O'Malley said. "This sort of rigged process has never been attempted before. Whose decree is it exactly? Where did it come from? To what end? For what purpose?"

He never mentioned her by name, but everyone in the room was surely staring at DWS, the next scheduled speaker, seated just feet away.

"What national or party interest does this decree serve? How does this help us tell the story of the last eight years of Democratic progress?"

"We are the Democratic Party, not the Undemocratic Party," he said. "If we are to debate debates, the topic should be how many, not how few."

Schultz quickly shakes his hand and takes the stage.

Below: O'Malley's full speech calling for more debates:

Wasserman Schultz was later asked about the exchange by CNN.

"I just said thank you," she said. "I have more class than that. I shook his hand and went to the podium."

Wasserman Schultz was also asked about a charge O'Malley made that a DNC rule barring candidates from participating in non-sanctioned debates was not legal.

"I am quite confident that the process we have established is directly compliant with our rules and completely legal, whatever that means," the chairwoman said.

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