CFR President Richard Haass Questions Scott Walker About Relations With China, North Korea


In response to recent global market instability caused by, as many charge, manipulative Chinese monetary policy, Wisconsin governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker has asserted that President Obama should cancel an upcoming state visit by and dinner invitation to Chinese president Xi Jinping. In the video above, Walker discusses the issue and more general foreign policy on Morning Joe with CFR head Richard Haass.

RICHARD HAASS, PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: Governor, I saw recently your comments about China. And the reason I want to raise it is North Korea. You're worried Iran becoming a potential nuclear weapons state. North Korea is a nuclear weapon state. You said you wouldn't go ahead with the planned visit of the President of China to the United States.

How it is you would try to prevent the possibility of North Korea -- if you're president -- they could have nuclear weapons that could reach California during your presidency. How is it would you would try continue to influence North Korea without a close, cooperative relationship with China?

WALKER: Oh, you do have to have one. And I'm not talking about walking away from that nor am I talking about walking away from trade. Trade with China, like many other places around the world, is important to the country as a whole. Heck, it's important to my state. It was important to the state I was in yesterday in Iowa out there.

I just think when it comes to an official state visit, those are something -- that's one of the highest prizes we can give to countries that we work with that are allies and partners. And in a time where we know this year there have been cyber attacks against our very own government, which not only put the government at risk, it's put the individual information of millions of Americans at risk. It affects our national security. I think we need to not just look the other way, I think we need to stand up and do something about it. And to me this is one of the clearest ways you send a message out there.

But on North Korea, you're right to be concerned about North Korea. This is precisely why I don't just go after my own party. It was a bad deal back even under President Bush. They made a similar attempt to try and reach a reasonable decision when it comes to nuclear weapons. We see that it didn't work in North Korea. We see the problems there. And we need to work together with our allies, as well as other countries like China, to make sure that doesn't happen any further in North Korea.

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