Rand Paul: "My Tax Plan Would Leave $3 Billion In The South Side Of Chicago... Just Never Take It"


Rand Paul tells Sean Hannity that the best way to fight poverty is to lower taxes, and his flat tax proposal would take $3 billion less per year out of the impoverished neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago.

RAND PAUL: This is the debate I want to have in this country--about how we alleviate poverty and unemployment. I don't think government programs have worked. We've had a war on poverty for 50 years, and we've got more of it.

In Baltimore, young black men between the ages of 20 and 25, 37 percent unemployment.

So it is out of control. But you know what I'm finding, when I'm on the South Side of Chicago or I'm in Detroit, people are saying, "You know what? I'm not sure I'm ready to be a Republican yet. But you know what? The Democrats have taken me for granted, and I'm willing to listen to people who are interested in making my life better."

And I think there is a great opportunity for Republicans who do care about people living in poverty to actually take our message of freedom, limited government, and leaving more money in the community.

My tax plan would leave 3 billion dollars in the South Side of Chicago of their own money. We would just never take it. I think that's the way to improve our cities and help people.

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