Trump: Iran Negotiators Look At John Kerry And Think "What A Schmuck"


At his campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa, Donald Trump took a swing at John Kerry's for breaking his leg during the Iran negotiations.

DONALD TRUMP: Look at the deal we have with Iran... Did you ever see a deal take so long? The deal has been going on forever. They had our prisoners. We never asked for our prisoners. How about that? Having a deal is good. But we should have doubled and tripled up the sanction and negotiated from strength. We should have done it so easily. Instead, we have Kerry that goes on bicycle races. He's in a bicycle race, he's 73 years old. 73 years old! And I said it the last time I spoke. I swear to you I will never enter a bicycle race if I'm president. I swear. I swear! He's in a bicycle race. He falls and breaks his leg. This is our chief negotiator. He's walking in and they're looking at him thinking what a schmuck.

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