Carly Fiorina Surges To Third Place In New Hampshire: "I Have Been Underestimated All My Life"


According to a new PPP poll in N.H., Carly Fiorina is in third place behind Trump and John Kasich. She speaks with "Morning Joe" on Wednesday.

CARLY FIORINA: I started out as a secretary in a nine-person law firm. I have been underestimated all my life. But I have a clear track record of challenging the status quo, and producing results. That is how you go from secretary to the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world, and I think I bring a resume that no one else can match...

I do understand as well that leadership is about giving results, not giving a nice speech... I think voters agree with me, the more they see, the more they like.

How does she account for the rise of Trump?

FIROINA: I think Trump is perhaps as much as anything, a big wakeup call to the professional political class, as well as the media, honestly, people are tired of both. And they don't trust either oen anymore. What Donald Trump tapped into is a disgust witht he professional political class, a belief that the game is rigged and that the media helps rig it. People want truth telling in politics.

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