Trump: "If You're Running For President You Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use A Teleprompter"


Donald Trump speaks with reporters at a press event ahead of a speech in Dubuque, Iowa.

TRUMP: I'm always on live television. If you're on television every three or four days you got to say things different. You can't be the same and give the same stories, right?

I think about my speeches and I don't believe in teleprompters, although it's very easy. I would like to go up and stand and read a speech for an hour and just leave. But you wouldn't have sold-out crowds like we have outside. You wouldn't have 30,000 people like we have in Alabama, you wouldn't have the crowd like the other night in New Hampshire. it's not the same.

I jokingly say if you're running for president you shouldn't be allowed to use teleprompters. I think about my speeches a lot, about what I'm going to say and I don't use notes and don't read the speeches because it's much easier but you know what happens, you don't have the same vibrance, you understand.

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