Scarborough: Hillary Took The Greatest Honor Obama Could Have Given Her, And "Soiled It... Making It About The Clintons"


Joe Scarborough on why Team Obama turned on Hillary after making her Secretary of State.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Unfortunately for people that watch the show, that don't have regular interactions with the White House, that aren't friends with people there personally. They don't understand. The White House has been mute about the Hillary e-mail up until now...

For people that know people in the White House, who work at the white House, you can't overestimate the level of anger of Hillary Clinton taking the greatest honor that Barack Obama could have given her, and then soiling it, ignoring the regulations, ignoring everything and making it about the Clintons again. I think that's what we may seeing here...

It is just, it's obvious, Joe Biden matches up so much better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, in just about every way and what's the one thing that Joe Biden does that like people have always criticized him for? He speaks his mind. He says things sometimes that he shouldn't say. I think he's good next to Donald Trump in that category.

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