Krauthammer: A Biden-Warren Ticket Would Be Perfect For Democrats, Ensure 12 Years Of Liberal Rule


BRET BAIER: We've talked about the polls here and obviously this is Joe Biden in a time where he's not running, but nationally, honest and trustworthy numbers, Hillary Clinton is upside down in those numbers. Joe Biden is 58, 34. He's not in the race. He hasn't been attacked. But it's a different scenario. And he is -- he comes off as authentic to a lot of Democrats who may be looking for an alternative to both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If you're a Democrat in a panic over Hillary, her problems, her negatives, her honesty quotient and you see the continuation of the scandal going indefinitely. You see she's held hostage -- her fate is not in her hands, it's in the hands of the FBI, judges and in investigative committees -- you are the perfect alternative.

Now, there are two elements here. The first, that was a pretty broad hint from Josh Earnest that the president is tilting towards Biden. He says I can't think of anyone else in the country, anyone else like Hillary who could run a better campaign?

BAIER: Let me interrupt for one second. We also talked about the president saying a few weeks ago how he could win a third term suggesting that maybe someone close to him should carry the torch.

KRAUTHAMMER: This is 1988. Reagan handing over a torch to Vice President Bush, which is exactly what the scenario would be. Who would be the best person he would like it entrust with his had legacy? But, second, the perfect play for Biden is not Elizabeth Warren's endorsement but that he announces he will have her on the ticket and he will be a one-term president.

He has an age issue which is if he were sworn in on inauguration day he'd be the oldest president by five years. With Warren, and if you announce you are going to be a one-termer, nobody is going to want to elect you. But if you have you as your heir, he gets the entire base, the liberals have a vision of a 12-year rule, it would work perfectly for them.

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