Ann Coulter Introduces Trump At Iowa Speech: "God Hasn't Given Up On America Yet"


Author and conservative syndicated columnist Ann Coulter introduces Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa.

ANN COULTER: I love the idea of the Great Wall of Trump. I want to have a two drink minimum. Make it a big world-wide tourist attraction and everyday live drone shows whenever anyone tries to cross the border. I have not had this much hope for America since November 7, 2012...

And now I think it's like Joseph in the Bible. He had to be sold into slavery, imprisoned, betrayed so that eventually he could save the Jews. Maybe Mitt Romney had to lose. And maybe we had to give Republicans one more chance in 2014. And maybe Mitch McConnell and John Boehner had to betray us one more time to pave the way for President Donald Trump. God hasn't given up on America yet.

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