Trump: We Have To "Uncouple" From China


STEVE DOOCY, FOX & FRIENDS: There will be a steep selloff at the open. For reaction to that and all the things going on in the news right now, we're joined now by Donald Trump, who is the frontrunner on the Republican side...

You know what? There's a guy who apparently is the editor of the He is writing in the New York Sun today, you know what, the troubles with China he's blaming on you. He writes in part:

Investors and financial journalists scrambling to find an explanation for the recent plunge in global stock markets have plenty of suspects. For my part I blame Donald Trump. Mr. Trump's policies are the opposite of the pro-growth approach.

DOOCY: He takes aim at your immigration, your trade and your taxes.

DONALD TRUMP: Wow, that's amazing. He blames me. I'm the one telling everybody what's going wrong and what's going to go wrong. And, frankly, I'm the one that says you better start uncoupling from China because China has problems and they have big problems and they're bringing us down.

So, for this guy, I never heard of him. I have no idea who he is. He's probably not very good at what he does. But to blame me is incredible because I'm the one that says uncouple.

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