Trump: China's President Xi Jinping Should Be Given A Big Mac Instead Of A State Dinner


DONALD TRUMP: I would not be throwing him a dinner. I would get him a McDonald’s hamburger and say we’ve got to get down to work because you can’t continue to devalue. We’ll give him a State dinner and what he has done is suck all the jobs, suck all the money right out of our country.

I’d give him probably a double size Big Mac. It’s not so much the companies, it’s our government that allowed China to do this to us. Our government should have stopped China from devaluing. They never even bring it up. You know how they can? Very simply. Bill, it’s so simply. They put a tariff on Chinese goods. You have to do that and then you bring it back to normal. You have no choice. You do that. China does it to us. You think we sell to China without a tariff? They call it a tariff. I call it a tax. There is a total imbalance. You know what the big imbalance is? Intelligence. Their leaders are intelligent. Ours aren’t. We don’t know what we’re doing. We had to do this and it should have taken place a long time ago and you wouldn’t have this bubble right now.

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