Susan Page: "We've Been Wrong From The Start About Trump," "No Longer Inconceivable He Could Be Nominee"


CHUCK TODD: Hey Susan, I just did an entire segment there with this assumption that Trump's not going to be the nominee. We are all, I think, of the mindset Trump's not going to be the nominee. Should we stop that?

SUSAN PAGE, USA TODAY: I think that we've been wrong from the start about Trump and the nature of his appeal and the ceiling that he's got. He's disproved the idea that his gaffes, the things that we see as gaffes would undermine him, that hasn't happened. So I think it's still unlikely he's the nominee. I think it is no longer inconceivable that he's the nominee.

I mean, just look at the Reuters/Ipsos poll that came out on Friday, that's an online poll, not a traditional telephone poll. They've trumped the field. That's supposed to be what undermines Trump at the end, when the field gets winnowed to Carson, Jeb Bush, and Trump. He got 44%. That is a level of support, that that just wins you in Iowa and New Hampshire. But in South Carolina, that could carry you quite a ways in these Republican primaries.

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