CNN's Jon King On Biden-Warren Buzz: "You Don't Say That Publicly Unless You're Trying To Stir Up Mischief"


"As trial balloons go, this is not subtle," says Molly Ball of the Atlantic. "Much of this is about Hillarys weakness."

JON KING, CNN: Larry Rasky, a Massachusetts Democratic strategist, who knows Warren very well and has worked for Vice President Biden going back to the 80s, is quoted on the record in the Boston Globe this morning saying, "I think that would be a great ticket."

Biden-Warren. You don't say that publicly unless you're trying to stir up mischief.

ED O'KEEFE, WASHINGTON POST: And getting Elizabeth Warren's subtle hat tip, or at least blessing, would almsot immediately help Biden bridge the divide of the super left of the Bernie Sanders supporters, and the most establishment Dmeocratic support that Clinton enjoys. He'd be right there in the middle. Probably start to nudge Bernie Sanders out of the race and make it much more serious.

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