WikiLeaks Video: Trade Treaties Are Core Of "New Global Legal And Economic System"


This video released this week by Wikileaks explains the Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic treaties, saying that together they form a new economic "grand enclosure" to counter the BRICS alliance. The organization will be made of up the U.S. and fifty-one other countries, including Pakistan, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Peru.

JULIAN ASSANGE, WIKILEAKS EDITOR IN CHIEF: The basic idea which comes across from reading U.S. strategy papers is the construction of a new "grand enclosure" -- and to put inside it, the U.S., 51 other coutnries, 1.6 billion people, and 2/3rds of global GDP.

To integrate Latin America away from Brazil and with the United States.

To integrate Southeast Asia away from China and towards the U.S.

And to integrate Western Europe away from Eurasia as a whole to towards the United States.

Of the three treaties, Wikileaks has illegally leaked four chapters of the TPP and the core text of the TISA agreement. TTIP's secrecy is an issue in the European parliament this summer.

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