Trump: My Wife Supports My Immigration Policies, She Did It The Right Way And Was "Proud"


Melania Trump, Donald's wife since 2005 (and a citizen since 2006), is a former model from Slovenia. CNN host Chris Cuomo asks if she is offended by Trump's talk about Mexican immigrants and the "Great Wall of Trump."

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: You said your wife is she going to campaign for you, is she ready to be first lady?

TRUMP: Sure.

CUOMO: She's been quiet on this so far...

TRUMP: She has been and purposely so. You know, I haven't asked her to do anything and she would certainly like to... She will be fantastic...

CUOMO: When you got married, she became a citizen, she was working legally?

TRUMP: Right.

CUOMO: She even gets mad at you about how you talk about immigrants and she say, "Hey, I came over here on work a visa, now you want to get rid of people's visas?"

TRUMP: She agrees with me, Chris. She went through a long process to become a citizen. It was very tough. And she went to long process to become a citizen of this country. And she thinks it a wonderful process to go through and when she got, she's very proud of it. You know, she came from Europe and she was very, very proud it.

And she thinks it's a beautiful process when it works. Now, we can expedite one of the things I really want to do, I want to take in really talented people too.

You know, in Silicon Valley they can get talent. I mean, no matter what you do, you can get talent. And so, I want to take in people from Europe, from Asia, from all over the world that have talent. If you graduate number one in class from Harvard or the Wharton Schools of Finance or Yale and you're from another country, they throw you out of the country, you can come back in.

I don't want to do that. I want to keep this really talented people, let them go to Silicon Valley, let them go all over the place that's what we need.

And I want people to come into the country. But I want to come in legally.

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