Trump on Border: Maybe They'll Call It "The Trump Wall"


DONALD TRUMP: I will build the greatest wall that you've ever seen. And I would never do this myself. But I hope it will be so -- actually, it will even look great. I already know what it should look like. You know, the other day, they were saying, I was watching these characters -- politicians that are running against me -- you can't get Mexico to pay for the wall! Of course you can. They can't because they never would even think of it.

Do you know how much Mexico is making from the United States? That's peanuts, the wall. And then they say, you can't build a wall! It's too big, it doesn't work. Well, 3,000 years ago -- right? The Great Wall of China was built. We would like to have that wall. That wall, nobody gets through. That I can tell you. And that's 13,000 miles. right? And that was done between -- did it take them 500 years in all fairness. A pretty long time. They don't stop. We need tough people to negotiate with the Chinese. They don't stop. But The Great Wall of China was built.

In Mexico, they were complaining 13,000 miles. It doesn't work. They have these walls built. They said people go over these walls with a ladder. Do you know how tall the wall is? Like this. It is not a wall. It is a little fence. People put up a ladder that they buy at home depot and they jump and that's the end of it. I'm talking about a wall. See that ceiling there? higher. Did you ever see -- okay. Did you ever see the plank for parking garages? As an example. Not a big deal.

I'm a great builder. What do I best in life, I build. Your infrastructure is crumbling. Isn't it nice to have a builder? A real builder. So you take precast plank. It comes 30 feet long, 40 feet long, 50 feet long. You see the highways where they can span 50, 60 feet, even longer than that, right? And do you a beautiful nice precast plank with beautiful everything. Just perfect. I want it to be so beautiful because maybe someday they'll call it The Trump Wall. Maybe. So I have to make sure it's beautiful, right? I'll be very proud of that wall. If they call at this The Trump Wall, it has to be beautiful. And you put that plank up and you dig your footings. And you put that plank up -- there's no ladder going over that. If they ever go up there, they're in trouble, because here's no way to get down. Maybe a rope.

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