Fmr. Trump Advisor Roger Stone: If One American Is Murdered By One Illegal That Is "One Murder Too Much"


In an interview with a combative MSNBC host on Wednesday afternoon, former Trump political advisor Roger Stone defended the claim that there is an illegal immigrant "crime wave." The anchor, who quotes a Ruth Marcus article, referred to statistics that show violent crime has gone down in the period of time Trump refers to.

"First of all, everybody acknowledges that the crimes are in the thousands. I call that a crime wave. I don't think elites understand that if one American is murdered by one person who is here illegally, that's one murder too much. now you have thousands of those," Stone said.

The two also discussed presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship, the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Stone said even if Trump is unable to get the Amendment modified he would still benefit from it politically.

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