Zbigniew Brzezinski: Iran Deal Designed As A "Process" To Allow Iran "To Rejoin The Int'l Community And Become A Force Of Good"


President Carter's national security advisor and Mika Brzezinski's father Zbigniew Brzezinski

DAVID IGNATIUS: Yesterday's news that Sen. Corker is going to oppose this deal follows similar news about Sen. Jeff Flake, Chuck Schumer, from your experience trying to sell the Camp David agreement during the Carter administration, what is the best way to sell this deal to the American public, and to the Congress to get more support?

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: A decision not to approve it will have consequences. These are troubling because we can't define them precisely.

But I think any intelligent person knows in their gut that if we don't approve it, the consequences might be devastating. And a larger war in the middle east...

...would be one that is unpredictable in its consequences...

My feeling is that this agreement is different from many, even most agreements. Most agreements in international affairs are like pacts. You do this, we do this, we agree, we do it.

This is a process. In other words, there are a series of reciprocal actions over a longer period of time in which we more forward, there is reciprocity, we move forward, there is a look at it, investigation, side negotiations.

It is a process designed to change an incredibly complex relationship into a more positive one. Changing public attitudes of each other... takes time. But there is the real possibility that if it suceeds, Iran rejoins the international community and becomes a force of good!

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