Sean Trende: Are Trump's Poll Numbers Still Rising?


Senior elections analyst at RealClearPolitics Sean Trende discusses Donald Trump's poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Is Trump a flash in the pan or a serious candidate? Trende says it is "certainly possible" that Trump's poll numbers are still understated.

SEAN TRENDE, REALCLEARPOLITICS: He has shown a pretty fast growth in his poll numbers. We could see these continue to grow, especially since independents can vote in either primary in New Hampshire. kind of hard to peg down what they're going to do.

Is Trump surging past Ohio Gov. John Kasich in his own state?

TRENDE: He is fairly popular here in Ohio, but he hasn't been getting a ton of traction in the early primary states. It is still early and he just entered the race, but as of right now, he's not catching fire.

What happens when Republican candidates start spending money attacking Trump?

TRENDE: One of the tough things that Mr. Trump has going for him is that he has some pretty liberal positions on the issues. Right now, people are focused in on his personality. As we get closer to actual voting, as people start running ads, I think the Republican electorate is going to shift more towards an ideological stance, and that could hurt him.

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