Halperin: "$300 Million Can Not Convince The Republican Electorate To Pick Another Bush"


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MORNING JOE: What are you hearing from the Rubios, the Rand Pauls, the Scott Walkers that everybody was talking about for a year? And now have you Rand Paul complaining nobody will pay attention to him. What are they saying about being, you know, a country mile away from Trump?

MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG NEWS: Everybody in that category I put Governor Christie in that category, too, Governor Huckabee. They are all relying on two twin pillars to say hope springs eternal.

One is that Trump will eventually collapse and he will be down to 10% and that support will be up for grabs. And the other is they all believe, or at least they say they believe, that $300 million, which is what I think Jeb will end up having, have to spend, his Super PAC, $300 million cannot convince the Republican electorate to pick another Bush. And if you take Bush and Trump out of the equation, as all these campaigns do, then it's chaos. And in that chaos Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, all of them think I'm going to be the guy that emerges from that chaos, steals enough delegates, builds enough momentum to be the nominee.

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