Cenk Uygur Lifts Ban on Trump: "It Is His Nomination To Lose"


The Young Turks Network: “We will now be unblurring Donald Trump. Ladies and Gentlemen, he got us,” Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks announced the show’s official decision to lift the ban on Donald Trump. The Young Turks placed a soft-ban on Trump by blurring out his face in order to avoid giving Trump any attention.

Uygur admits that Trump’s surge to number one in the GOP polls is unavoidable. But, this is not The Young Turks saying Trump won. Instead, showing Trump’s face proves that his bid is real and not a marketing ploy. “This master clown...has started a carnival so large, it might take over the country,” Uygur says. But he makes a bold prediction that, “Eventually, he will make wrong enemies, like Fox News.” Uygur adds, “I believe it is his nomination to lose.”

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