Trump on Corporate Inversion: These People Have No Loyalty To This Country


Donald Trump discusses his plan to bring back jobs and clamp down on corporate inversion on Meet the Press with NBC News's Chuck Todd.

DONALD TRUMP: I'm going to bring jobs back. Like, you will even be surprised, Chuck. You will be very surprised. So that we won't even have to be talking about the minimum wage.

But, you know, we have a problem called corporate inversion in this country where corporations are leaving the United States to go to other places because they can get lower wages and lower taxes. And we have to be very careful with a minimum wage. You know, it's great politically to say, "Hey, I want to give everybody $500 an hour."

Forget about $15 or $12 [an hour], right? But we have to be very careful. Because we have a huge inversion problem in this country. I mean, you look at some of the companies that are talking about leaving the United States. And many of these companies are run by people from Britain, and from Ireland, and from other people.

They have no loyalty to this country. But many great companies, big companies, a lot of employees, are talking about inverting. Meaning leaving. And we have to do something...

I've been hearing about this for two years. For two years, everybody agrees that we should let the money in. And for two years, they can't make a deal, okay?

CHUCK TODD: Well, welcome to Congress.

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