Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton's Snapchat Joke Was "Cringeworthy," Shows How "Ham-Handed" She Is


DOUG MCKELWAY, FOX NEWS: The trouble for the Clinton camp, at least their critics would say, is it's not her political opponents who are stirring up this hornet's nest. It is two inspectors general and also now the Department of Justice and the FBI. And there's some new information today that the State Department has now recommended that 305 of Clinton's e-mails be flagged for review for potential violations of sending classified information... What do you think of the new developments, Charles?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, it shows you once again, if you needed repetition, how bad a candidate she is. That attempt at self-deprecation about Snapchat is groan-worthy, cringe-worthy, it doesn't work, and it shows how ham-handed she is. If she had the charm of her husband it might work, but it doesn't.

The second problem here is that it is now out of her hands. The Clintons are obsessed with control. The whole reason she did the personal server was to preserve secrecy and control. And now that is completely out of her hands, we don't know what will happen. It's not going to be decided politically. It will be decided by, number one, the technical skill of the FBI. Can they uncover what is in the scrubbed part of the server? We don't know. I think it's likely, because if it is recovered, it is going to have extremely damaging stuff, national security stuff that she says is not in there, it's all about yoga.

But second is: what is the DOJ going to do? It's in their power. It's in their power. If they go easy on her, they keep a double standard and they allow it to drag on that she can get away with us. If they treat her like anybody else and in a non-political way I would suspect that she would be at least in jeopardy of being indicted, but surely exposed as having said a lot of things that aren't true. So, a lot of it will depend on what's the signal from the president, and he will send it not openly. It will be subtle and we will see.

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