Trump to Chuck Todd: In Four Years You're Going To Say, 'What A Great Job You've Done, President Trump'


CHUCK TODD: By the way, can you run government like a business?

DONALD TRUMP: I think you can, yes. I think you can run--

CHUCK TODD: As a for profit, but you--

DONALD TRUMP: And, by the way, we--

CHUCK TODD: Not, what your business, it's about profit.

DONALD TRUMP: Chuck, you can run it like a business with heart. What people don't know about me. I have a lot of heart. One of the reasons the Veterans-- they did a poll. "Who do you like better: Trump or John McCain?" And I won in a landslide because they know that I'm going to take care of them. And the politicians have not taken care of them.

CHUCK TODD: What-- Well, I guess I still don't understand how you're going to pay for this. I still--


CHUCK TODD: It's still not clear to me here--

DONALD TRUMP: Chuck, it'll work out so well. You will be so happy. In four years, you're going to be interviewing me and you're going to say, "What a great job you've done, President Trump." You're going to say, "You have done one of the great jobs." It's going to happen. And you know what? The good people are going to be able to come back. But they're going to come back legally.

We have to have a country. We have to have a great country. Also, I want to bring people that are going to really help us. Not all at the low end. We have to bring people--And I've been hearing more and more of this. We have to bring people that are university, you know, go to universities, that are doctors.

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