Mark Halperin: "Dirty Little Secret" That Kasich Is "Media's Favorite Candidate," Like McCain Was


On Face the Nation this morning, Bloomberg's Mark Halperin said there's a "dirty little secret" that Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Ohio John Kasich is the "media's favorite candidate."

MARK HALPERIN: The establishment wing of the party is going to have to settle on one or two people by March 1st. And I think today, if you look at, again, the four people the establishment talk about, leave Governor Christie aside, Kasich, Bush, Walker, Rubio. The one who right now is a rising stock, the one who has got the least obvious blemishes in terms of momentum is Kasich, but no one's gone after him yet.


HALPERIN: Even Trump hasn't gone after him yet.

NOONAN: True. True.

JAMELLE BOUIE: -- I think there's a sweet spot for Republican presidential candidates and it's basically, I want to cut your taxes, I don't want to stick it to anyone. And I think Kasich hits that perfectly. He wants -- he wants to be responsible. He wants to give your money back. He also wants to make sure low income people can get health care. He wants to make sure the mentally ill can get care. He wants to make sure people in prison can get out and get back to their lives. And that's a combination that is very potent. It's George W. Bush's combination. It's, to an extent, Ronald Reagan's combination. It's the kind of approach that really does appeal to a wide section of Americans. And people who may not even think of voting for Republicans in the first place.

FOURNIER: I find him to be right now the most Reagan-esque of the candidates. He's aspirational, he's electable and he's ideological but pragmatic. But I really want the see what happens when Mike Murphy and the Bush pack unloads on him on Obamacare innovation (ph).


HALPERIN: And not to take anything away from what Ron said about him and others have said, he's the media's favorite candidate and that is a dirty little secret that it is a big benefit. George Bush was the media's favorite candidate in 2000. McCain was for a time. When you're the media's favorite candidate, you do well.

FOURNIER: And any Republican who --

DICKERSON: Even today, do you think?

HALPERIN: Oh, yes.

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