Trump: "Puppet" Jeb Bush Should Apologize For Iraq War Comments


Donald Trump spoke at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, taking direct aim at GOP rival Jeb Bush, who he called a "puppet" whose recent defense of the Iraq war is "one of the dumbest statements I've ever heard."

DONALD TRUMP: Jeb Bush is a puppet to his donors, there's no question about it; he's got lobbyists, I know them, and he made statements over the last couple of days that were incredible, trying to justify the war in Iraq.

It can't be justified. And then he said "skin in the game." I don't know if you saw his recent statement. The U.S. has to prove to Iraq that we have "skin in the game."

We spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives lost, wounded warriors all over the place, and he said we have to prove that we have skin in the game. I think it may be one of the dumbest statements I've ever heard.

"Skin in the game?"

We don't have to prove anything. First of all, the Iraqi leaders are a bunch of crooks. If there even is an Iraq, which I don't think there is. Iran is taking over Iraq. It was one of the dumbest things ever. And I think what happened, because I understand psychology, I think his brother said 'you're killing me.'

That was his war, and he looks very bad, so Jeb Bush tried to push back, but when he said to Iraq that was have to have skin in the game, when we spent all those lives and all that money. I think he should apologize to the families of the people.

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