Maher's Advice to Hillary: Bill Must Have An Affair, Or At Least Publicize Former Affairs; He Must "Humiliate You"


In the "New Rules" segment of his HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher gave Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton some advice on how to spice up her campaign.

Maher talked about culture situations she could participate in, but his last piece of advice was for her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to have another affair or at least publicize one that is not known.

Maher suggested the former president should be kissing actress Rebel Wilson in stands, on the screen, while Hillary gives the opening pitch at Wrigley Field.

"Hillary, your ace in the hole to get America back on your side is your husband Bill Clinton," Maher said on Friday. "He has to have an affair. Or at least you have to find a way to publicize one of the ones he's probably already having."

Maher chalked up Hillary Clinton's "most admired" status to Bill's affairs with women.

"I say this because of the years when you owned most admired woman in America were the years that anything that had shoulder length hair and moved slower than he did," Maher said. "You can get the magic back, but Bill has to humiliate you. If at all possible, with Rebel Wilson, on the jumbotron, at a Cubs game while you're throwing out the first pitch."

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