Jeb Bush Responds To Iowan Who Says "Your Brother Signed The Deal" To Exit Iraq In 2011


An attendee of the Iowa State Fair heckles GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush over his policy proposal to restart the Iraq war in earnest to eliminate ISIS.

"Will we be welcomed as liberators again? Or," asks the man.

"Right now we have 3,500 soldiers and Marines in Iraq already," replies Bush. President Obama has deployed them in groups of a few hunded every few months since 2013. "We have no startegy, it jsut kind of creeps up, we're responding incrementally to the problems that exist rather than having a strategy," Bush says.

"What I've heard from the advisors is, first of all, the Iraqis want our help..." Bush began.

"They wanted us out in 2011," the Iowan voter yells.

"Excuse me?" Bush says. "You didn't have to get out in 2011."

"Your brother signed the deal!"

President Bush planned the 2011 withdrawal before 2007 becasue it was safely outside his term limit.

"It could have been modified and that was the expectation. Everybody in Iraq and everybody in the administration knew this deal could have been expanded."

"Your brother signed a bad deal!"

"And now we have to do something else," suggests Bush. "Deal with the fact that we have Islamic terrorists organized as a caliphate."

Bush's policy: more weapons to Iraqi "moderates."

"Rebuild the Iraqi military, arm the Kurds, reengage with the Sunnis... And we need to do the same thing in Syria."

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