"Morning Joe" Panel In State Of Crisis Over Clinton Email Server Spin


"Morning Joe" runs down the latest details of the quickly developing Hillary Clinton private server scandal.

"Mika, please, we all knew this moment was coming six months ago," says a glum Chuck Todd. "At some point the server was going to end up in the hands of somebody. And why they made it have to be dragged out of them instead of giving it willingly. This is going to do nothing to help her politically."

"If the FBI is looking into your handling of emails, it is bad news, you can't spin that. The FBI wanted your server and now it is blank."

"What is the explanation for this that makes it real," host Mika Brzezinski breathlessly asks Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein. "Why dos this happen?"

"It is one of the great lingering qurstion of all of this," Stein says. "At what point did she decide she wanted a strcitly personal email account for your public business? We can speculate. I guess she either wanted to talk politics, or she wanted to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests. Clearly the price she is paying for that decision is enormous."

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